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Do you think of accessing money using your current stock portfolio?

If yes, then be worry-free now as Worldwide Stock Loans has come up with its ‘Stock Loan Services.’ With the help of a stock secured loan, you can get your wealth in hands quickly accessible to you whenever you want.

Shake hands with Worldwide Stock Loans today & unlock the highest potential of your existing stocks and assets to convert them into immediate ‘cash in hands’ through stock-based loan in UK.

How Does A Loan Against Your Stock Shares Work In The UK?

The ‘Stock Loans’ UK, also called ‘Securities-Based Lending’ is one of the commonly preferable financial tools by firms, especially international investors. The borrowers can easily use their shares of publicly traded corporations as ‘collateral loans’ UK.

Our private lenders are lined up to provide “Stock Backed Loan” for the companies and shareholders based in the UK.
The borrowers can make use of stock loan services for a variety of purposes such as:

  • To settle accrued ‘debts’ urgently
  • To invest in a new company venture

for a better financial future.

Benefits Of Stock-Based Loan In UK

The advantages of a ‘stock secured loan’ extend beyond clearing debts and new investments.
Let us have a closer look at some other benefits of ‘stock loans’ UK:

  • Unlock Liquidity: With ‘collateral loans’ UK, you can easily cover up shortage of money for the down payment on a new home, a business opportunity, or a dream vacation using the immediate wealth you will receive without losing ownership of your assets.
  • Spread Out Your Investment Risk: One can diversify his/ her stocks portfolio with the help of stock loan services, ultimately reducing the risk of losing all your money if one investment doesn’t go well.
  • Taxation Benefits (Speak With An Expert): Sometimes interest to be paid on ‘collateral loans’ UK can be deducted from your taxes. However, UK residents should consult a tax professional for a clearer view of the whole process.
  • Low Margin Needs: Usually, stock loan services require less money upfront as compared to margin accounts, ultimately giving you the freedom to borrow a higher percentage of your shares’ value.
  • Retain Ownership And Growth Potential: By leveraging a stock secured loan, the ownership of your equities remain with you only. As a result, it gives you chances to earn profitability from any possible increase in stocks’ value in future.

Guide to the Stock Secured Loan Process in the UK

Getting stock loans UK is a fair simple process:

  • Check For Eligibility: First of all, one needs to get a thorough review of his/ her investments’ portfolio with the help of our experts. They will consider important aspects such as your creditworthiness, stocks’ types & values, and the intended loan amount in relation to collateral’s value (loan-to-value ratio) to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a stock based loan in UK or not.
  • Loan Agreement: Then, we will draft a precise loan agreement specifying all relevant terms and conditions, including the loan amount, interest rate, and collateral requirements in addition to margin maintenance criteria to retain a higher value of your collateral for the whole duration of the loan.
  • Collateral Transfer: Then, a reliable third party will transfer the ownership of the securities (that have been promised) to a safekeeping account. It will guarantee the security of your belongings for the whole duration of the loan.
  • Receive Your Money Back: Before paying the loan funds into your chosen account directly, we will transfer the collateral and complete the whole agreement beforehand.
  • Make Frequent Interest Payments: You will have to pay regular interest payments for borrowing money until you’ve paid back the entire loan.
  • Loan Repayment: You need to pay back the whole loan balance including the accumulated interest amounts as well by the loan maturity date. Once done, you will get back the promised ownership of your securities.

Crucial Things To Consider Before Applying In Stock Loan Companies

Before investing in stock loans UK, take care of some crucial factors as discussed below:

  • Require LTV Ratio: Keep in mind that the lender needs to maintain the minimum loan-to-value ratio to establish the maximum loan amount you will be eligible for on the basis of your collateral’s value.
    In case your stocks’ value declines, you can receive a “margin call” to provide more funds or securities to maintain the necessary LTV ratio. If not fulfilled, the lender has rights to sell your stocks to recoup the accumulated debt.
  • Interest Rates: Your interest rates on buying stock loan services depend on various factors like the loan size, length, your creditworthiness, and the state of the market as a whole. To receive the best possible terms, try comparing rates offered by several lenders & find the ‘perfect’ one for you.
  • Charges: While calculating the total cost of the loan, make sure you consider everything into account from account maintenance to loan origination to all the other services.
  • Tax Repercussions (Speak With A Tax Advisor): Even though interest payouts on a stock secured loan can be deductible from taxes, it is important to consult a tax professional in the UK for a better understanding of the precise tax consequences for your situation.
  • Investment Strategy: While stock loan services are the most useful & effective methods to leverage your current stocks’ portfolio, make sure that you check for any possible liabilities as well. Ensure that how you will be utilizing stock loans UK fits both your risk tolerance and overall investing goals.

Why Choose Worldwide Stock Loans UK For Your Stock Loan Needs?

At Worldwide Stock Loans, we are a leading provider of stock based loan in UK. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • High LTV Ratio: We totally agree with your wish to get the most out of your assets. To fulfill your dreams, we provide competitive & fair loan-to-value (LTV) ratios that enable you to borrow a larger proportion of the value of your securities.
  • Adaptable Conditions For Loans: As we all know, not everyone fits in one size. Hence to cater your unique & specific financial requirements, we provide customizable lending terms with a flexible range of loan lengths and repayment choices.
  • Simplified Procedure: Getting collateral loans UK isn’t as daunting a task as it seems to be. We have made the procedure to obtain the money you need simple & effective for you by our simplified application. And, we believe in transparency with our clients making sure they are aware of everything happening.
  • A Dedicated Team Of Experienced Professionals: We commit to your financial endeavors. From the initial loan inquiries to the final agreement, we provide supportive customer service and professional guidance at every step to make the stock secured loan process simpler and easier for you.
  • Security And Openness: Our foremost priority is the ‘safety’ of your belongings, i.e. your assets. We commit to maintaining the full security of your promised securities via our partnerships with reliable & trusted third-party custodians. Plus, we are always available to guide you throughout the whole duration of the loan.

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