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Cash Loans Against Public Company Stock

Worldwide Stock Loans provides stock loans service where we connect directly with our clients instead of connecting them with brokers or intermediaries. This makes sure that the whole process of stock-secured loan remains transparent and efficient for our clients. Ultimately, the application process takes 2-4 weeks in general from evaluating your stocks’ portfolio for a loan on stocks to the final funds release.

Competitive Interest Rates

Our stock-secured loans are both easily accessible and affordable as we offer lower annual interest rates between 3.5% and 6%. These competitive interest rates benefit the investors who are looking to use their idle sitting stocks’ portfolios.

High Loan-to-Value Ratio

Our LTV (loan to value) ratio program makes sure that our clients can get the maximum percentage of their stocks’ value. You can enjoy up to 80% of the value of your stock while getting stock-based loans from us.

Broad Eligibility Criteria

Most of the publicly traded companies can enroll in our stock loans service. In addition to this, we provide flexible custodian options. You can choose to send your shares as collateral (for collateral loans) to a bank or broker custodian account or transfer directly to the lender. We collaborate with reputable custodians such as Royal Bank of Canada, Citi, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Maybank, and Standard Chartered.

Secure Collateral Management

In our securities-backed lending, the topmost priority is to keep your stocks ‘safe’ to us throughout the loan term. As a result, our clients experience peace of mind. However the lender has the right to sell your shares only if necessary.

Flexible Loan Terms

Worldwide Stock Loans understand that everyone has different financial conditions. To help everyone as per their requirements, our loan terms are also flexible. Generally, you can get a minimum of 24 months to a maximum of 10 years duration to pay back the stock-secured loan. In some cases, you can increase this as well.

Global and Remote Accessibility

We have stock loans service globally. You can reach out to us remotely as well for share-backed finance. We provide stock loans with remote programs too with funds disbursable in any currency. 

No Borrower Requirements

Unlike other stock loans companies, we believe in fulfilling the financial dreams of every investor looking to get stock-secured loans. There are no such requirements that a borrower needs to fulfill to be eligible for our stock loans. This feature is what makes our services inclusive and accessible.

Unrestricted Use of Loan Proceeds

We do not restrict you from using the liquidity. As you receive cash in hand after share-backed finance, you are free to use your money as per your requirements. Whether you want to expand your business or invest in other stocks, you can do anything. Also if you are required to fulfill your personal financial needs, there are no restrictions on that as well.

Dividend and Interest Payment Structures

During the loan duration, if any dividends are generated on your securities, you will get that all as you are the actual owner. Also, you need to pay the simple interest quarterly on the remaining loan balance. Overall, our loan management process is very straightforward and easily manageable.

Stock Requirements and Fee Structure

To get a loan on stocks from us, your stock needs to be in electronic form. Also, there needs to be no restrictions on it. 

Our stock-secured loan structure asks for an origination fee that is 0-6% of the total loan amount. You need to pay this origination amount as the loan proceeds. Also, we do not charge any upfront or application fees. All you need to be mindful of is the loan amount and accumulating simple interest. This feature makes the services of Worldwide Stock Loans very cost-effective for investors.

Basic Terms and Requirements of our Stock Loans:

Typical Stock Loan Terms: