Senior Stock Loan Advisor

Grant Hodgins, B.Comm

Founder & Senior Loan Advisor

Grant has more than 30 years of Public and Private Business experience holding positions of CEO, CFO, and President in numerous companies. His experience also includes more than ten years in Government, holding positions of Minister of the Environment, Minister of Indian and Native Affairs, Minister of Highways and Transportation as well as Government House Leader in the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Grant is committed to serving his clients with the highest levels of professionalism Placing the fulfillment of client’s interests higher than his own is something Grant adheres to in every transaction Grant is a friend of Bill W.

Mike Tiong, MBA

Partner & Senior Loan Advisor Singapore

Mike is located in Singapore and has conducted business in almost every Asian Country. Mike’s background spans across many industries serving as CEO, and Executive Director in numerous Technology, Consumer Products, Gaming, Media- Advertising, and Entertainment companies. Mike graduated from the Helsinki School of Economics with an MBA and has put his education to good use in building and operating these highly successful enterprises. Mike is an avid investor in several public companies, and is able to offer sound advice to loan clients.

Contact:-  Mike Tiong, MBA (Singapore)
Phone: (O) +65 6515 2988 Ext 18 / (M) +65 9833 1161
Skype: MikeTheRealMcCoy